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Update: February 12th, 2012

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Here’s a little sample of my franken Tele (description below) playing a Hawaiin-ish thing in GBDEGB tuning with a high nut and steel bar slide, neck Phat Cat pickup.  Amp is a 70′s Fender Musicmaster bass tube amp with a Holy Grail reverb pedal in front of it:

Audio MP3

Coming soon:  gear pics, sound samples, and more!

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates


Chuck’s current live equipment:

Laney VC30 2×12 combo amp:  30 watts, 4-EL84 power tubes, Celestion G12H and G12M Greenback speakers.

Pedals (in this order):  Boss TU2 tuner, Crybaby Wah Wah, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9DX, MI Audio Crunchbox, SPF Ego Booster clean boost, Line6 DL4 digital delay, Sweetsound Mojovibe.


Fender '72 Telecaster reissue

Fender ’72 Telecaster Thinline reissue:

I’ve tried quite a few pickups in this guitar.  It came stock with Fender’s reissue “wide range” pickups which were not true to the original design of the 70′s Seth Lover wide range pickups.  The reissue pickups were not horrible, but I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear from the guitar.  After trying Duncan Jazz, JB, ’59, and Antiquity minihumbucker,  and Dimarzio Air Zone and Air Norton in various combinations here, I finally settled on a set of Seymour Duncan Phat Cats.  Phat Cats are p-90 style single coil pickups that are shaved down on the ends and put under a humbucker sized cover.

This type of Tele has a strat flat mount bridge instead of a traditional Tele bridge.   The neck on this guitar is fairly chunky and is not perfect, but despite that, this is one of my favorite guitars of all times

Gibson Les Paul Studio:

Ibanez AGS83 Semihollow

Peavey Firenza – This has a 15″ radius so I’ve set it up for slide and keep it tuned in open D or D6.


Other stuff:

Fender MIJ Stratocaster “Black Paisley Frankenstrat”

Harmony Stratotone

Sigma DM-19 acoustic

Fender 75 amplifier

Fender Musicmaster Bass amplifier

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