Update: July 15th, 2010

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Some of Chuck’s personal fave’s:

Funk/Rockers Aladocious can be found at: or

My old band Mucho Buddha has a fabulous CD available at

Mucho Buddha: Dragonfly

I also play guitar with JJ Otero’s band Saving Damsels

The coolest guitargeek social forum on the web

This page will map out scales/chords for any guitar tuning you want! David Gilmour, ’nuff said.

Seriously cool music performance videos with stellar audio this is a sweet interactive astronomy/ star chart site.

Where to see spacecraft NASA/ISS !

We’ve all lost someone to cancer and PaulE is doing something great for those in need: Concerts4Cures.

More Bands:

Alpha Blue and the Rebbe’s Orkestra are two groups that feature my old friend and Splinter Fish bandmate Debo Orlofsky.

5 Revolving Doors is Shelley Barratt’s band.

The Rudy Boy Experiment

Ryan McGarvey is one of the best guitarists around!

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