Update: November 15th, 2009
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Past show archive
Chuck Hawley GroupLazy Lizard08/27/167:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupRio Bravo Brewing06/03/166:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupLazy Lizard05/20/167:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Chuck Hawley TrioM/M Cafe05/06/165:00pmMapMagdalena, NM
Chuck Hawley Solo ShowcaseUnity Coffeehouse04/09/166:30pmMapEdgewood, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupRio Bravo Brewing12/18/156:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupLazy Lizard11/20/157:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Just Lazarus & Chuck Hawley GroupRio Bravo Brewing11/07/157:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupLazy Lizard08/01/157:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Chuck Hawley Group Old Town Plaza!Old Town Plaza07/24/157:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Solo AcousticRed Door Brewing06/30/157:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group at Lazy LizardLazy Lizard05/30/157:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Chuck Hawley Group at Lazy LizardLazy Lizard01/30/157:00pmMapCedar Crest, NM
Chuck Hawley Group at Shade TreeShade Tree Customs and Cafe12/28/138:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Plateros, Jir Project, & Chuck Hawley at Low SpiritsLow Spirits12/19/138:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley GroupMarble Brewery04/11/137:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious, Chuck Hawley Group & Saving DamselsElliott's02/02/139:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious, Chuck Hawley Group & Saving DamselsElliott's02/02/139:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group at Marble BreweryMarble Brewery09/02/125:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group @ East Mtn Concert SeriesLos Vecinos Community Ctr07/27/126:00pmMapTijeras, NM
Chuck Hawley, Shelley Barratt, JJ Otero - Showcase!Blackbird Buvette07/08/1212:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Solo Acoustic at Elliott'sElliott's06/01/126:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels acousticEffingbar02/12/127:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group - Arts in the ParksEl Oso Grande Park10/02/111:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley SoloElliott's08/26/116:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group - Santa Fe BandstandSanta Fe Bandstand08/15/1112:00pmMapSanta Fe, New Mexico
Chuck Hawley opens for Vince Bell at Old TownOld Town Plaza06/15/116:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious, Just Lazarus, Chuck Hawley GroupLow Spirits04/21/119:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious & Saving DamselsElliott's04/08/119:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
JJ Otero Acoustic w/Chuck HawleyLow Spirits03/18/119:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels & the Jir ProjectMonument Valley High School03/05/117:00pmMapKayenta, AZ
Saving Damsels and Flagstaff's "Fight the Quiet"Low Spirits02/08/119:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
The Encylcopedia ShowThe Kosmos02/04/118:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Just Lazarus, Chuck Hawley Group & more!Ned's On the Rio Grande01/30/115:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious @ Blue JeansBlue Jeans Bar01/29/119:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
CD RELEASE!!! Chuck Hawley Group, Just Lazarus, Jir ProjectElliott's01/22/119:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Mystic Lion Memorial ShowLow Spirits12/19/104:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels at Sky CitySky City Casino12/18/109:00pmMapAcoma, NM
Aladocious at Blue JeansBlue Jeans Bar12/17/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group + more!!Harwood Arts Center11/06/104:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels, Felonious Groove Foundation, Element 37, Leah BlackLow Spirits11/06/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck Hawley Group - Old Town PlazaOld Town Plaza09/01/106:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Rock the 9 - Saving DamselsCowgirl Hall of Fame08/21/109:00pmMapSanta Fe, New Mexico
AladociousMarble Brewery08/05/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Plateros, Saving Damsels, & MoeityLow Spirits07/02/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Arts in the Parks - Aladocious & Saving DamselsMariposa Basin Park06/27/1012:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Sat. Night Fever Blisters (improv. funk madness)Marble Brewery06/19/10TBDMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious + Chuck Hawley GroupHallenbrick Brewery06/12/106:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Thurs. Night Girl Fight (Saving Damsels)Launchpad05/27/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque
Saving Damsels & Burning MoonlightThe Kosmos05/22/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels w/Chuck Hawley GroupNed's On the Rio Grande05/08/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousHallenbrick Brewery05/07/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels & Red Earth/Rock the 9Launchpad04/24/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque
JJ Otero with Chuck Hawley (Acoustic)3rd Street Arts04/23/106:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels, Stephanie Hatfield & Hot Mess, The Jir ProjectLow Spirits04/03/108:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousQ Bar03/26/10TBDMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousHallenbrick Brewery03/05/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
The Wychdokta Project, Aladocious, & Burning MoonlightLow Spirits03/04/108:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Midnight Creepers, Saving Damsels, & Chuck Hawley GroupLow Spirits02/20/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious, Fast Heart Mart, Zoltan Orkestar, Squash Blossom BoysEl Rey Theatre02/19/108:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck's B-day with Chuck & friends acoustic!The Source02/06/106:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious @ Hallenbrick BreweryHallenbrick Brewery02/05/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious- at Blue Jeans evening showBlue Jeans Bar01/30/108:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious at the Q BarQ Bar01/29/107:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Look Mom No Hands, 5RD , Saving Damsels Low Spirits01/28/108:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Acoustic Showcase at Blackbird BuvetteBlackbird Buvette01/27/107:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck solo acoustic at UNM HospitalUNM Hospital Pavilion01/27/1012:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Aladocious @ Purgy'sPurgy's @ Durango Mtn. Resort01/17/102:00pmMapDurango, CO
Aladocious at Purgy'sPurgy's @ Durango Mtn. Resort01/16/102:00pmMapDurango, CO
Eric McEuen, Mindy Dillard, and Chuck HawleyThe Source01/03/106:30pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels, Jir Project, and Old MainLow Spirits01/01/109:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
New Years Eve - Aladocious!Blue Jeans Bar12/31/099:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousBlue Jeans Bar12/18/099:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels (acoustic)Southwest Gift Baskets Coffee House12/17/097:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Saving Damsels on the WV ShowThe WV Show on ABQ cable ch. 2712/16/097:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousDerailed Saloon12/05/098:00pmMapDurango, CO
Saving Damsels, Aladocious, RJ PerezLow Spirits12/04/099:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousMine Shaft Tavern11/27/098:00pmMapMadrid, NM
Saving DamselsSky City Casino11/21/09TBDMapAcoma, NM
Saving DamselsSky City Casino11/20/09TBDMapAcoma, NM
Saving Damsels/Aladocious/RJ Perez CANCELLEDLow Spirits11/14/099:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
AladociousBlue Jeans Bar11/13/099:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
Chuck with Dave HooverUNM Hospital Pavilion11/04/0912:00pmMapAlbuquerque, NM
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