Update: August 2nd, 2010

Here are all the lyrics for the new Chuck Hawley Group CD:  ”The Witness”



Dawn at the market, shadows run for home

Don’t know exactly how I got here, call you on the phone

Eleven rings and the answer machine gives me 125 beeps

When you finally answer, I can barely speak

Lavender, don’t fall asleep,

the wind’s died down, so has your grief

You got sandalwood and vanilla kisses

You got a smile smile smile, it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever given

Donated all my cash, to a cold outpatient hitchhiker

Got a blessing and a ride, from a gorgeous ordained biker.

Had a hundred words and a great big brawl

with some young hothead flyboys

Took my black eyes home, to give up on James Joyce

Rain falls, trains blow by,

Lavender, smoldering in the middle of the night

Clouds build, from damselflies

Lavender, rockin’ me late at night

Dropped my list of rules, in an old grease trap

Busted up my watch, with a baseball bat

choreographed my whole life through,

then burned the score to come back to you.


Espresso Song

Espresso beans in the coffee machine

as I survey this fine, fine morning scene

I sit awhile with a contented smile

though its cold and grey outside

I have to thank you profusely

I am the luckiest guy

I let this feeling infuse me

(and hold on to that look in your eye.)

don’t know the score between the battling giants

don’t really care why they’re so insecure

Shake off the night, with a contented smile

though its cold and grey outside

I know it’s all temporary

someday all “beans” must expire

but now there’s kisses and coffee

so I hold on to that look in your eye


Le Matin

Le Matin, the sun comes shining

Le Matin, the day is here

Le Matin, your face comes smiling, Le Matin!

laughing and rolling, run with me to the ponds

whales in the clouds now, rainbows full of sound

long days and lightning, kissing you after dark

we stay up all night, take the pain apart

how do we know?

we know!

the sun comes shining!

how could I miss you? how could I run and hide?

time it just stopped there, waiting for you, to pass by

the morning turned towards us, mist burning off the square

ghosts of the past evaporate, as we smile, and stare!



She got… Fangs, Scales, creepy Eyes, and a Tail

Now we’re watchin’ her slither, seductive and loose

Everybody wanna live in her world, it’s the poison we choose

she’s dancin’ through the bayou

watch her…

watch her dance, watch her turn, watch her jump through a rope

galaxies and stars are her kaleidoscope

Buy her book, hear her sing, watch her on the TV

while she perpetuates illusions like “you” and “me”

She’s a snake, she’s a lion, she’s a sun, she’s a dragon,

an invisible bomb, in the welcome wagon

She’s a moccasin, Not evil just quick… watch’er lick the air!



Julie I’ve found you, soon you’ll be gone

Will you remind me, what went wrong?

I don’t know why I couldn’t trust your guidance

couldn’t learn to fly or be held down

stuck between your love and disapproval

projected fears allowed to get too real, too real

please don’t give up on me now, don’t listen to the fear

I won’t give up on you now, won’t listen to the fears

Run down to the river to find you

but night has consumed every trace (of Julie)

long past October, after the howling winds

will you remember, names we’ve been?

Run down to the river to find you

but night has consumed every trace

All of these journeys to find you

Still there’s no recognizable face

’cause you’re both the spoils and the spoiler

both sides arising as me…

so, lash me and sing like a siren

I’m going home to the sea (Julie)


Sick Sick Fish

You’re a sick, sick fish in a dirty little bowl

looking out the glass thinking everything else’s real small

you’re sucking at the mirror (SSSSuucckk)

pretending God sanctions everything you do, but that ain’t true

now your bowl is on the edge of the mantle

all the cats you tortured are twitching with excitement

as you fall, you’re a sick sick fish

& bricks & fire are not your friends at all

You’re a sick, sick fish in a dirty little world

from your plastic castle you think everyone else’s real small

I hope you don’t teach it to your children

hope you don’t, twist their little hearts, with your poison darts

You’re sick, sick fish a’ floppin on the ground

don’t even know how you got into this jam

you never told the truth, slimed your way through

and you bled your fear and hate into the water, now here comes the slaughter…


Crazy Pablo

Crazy Pablo got his beer bottle bowling pins

Crazy Pablo stole the rubber grasshopper

Crazy Pablo’s learned to watch the perimeter

Clamato in his Bud you know he ain’t no pill popper

Just a ragin’ Venusian, a bare fisted dog fightin’ Dog

Crazy Pablo mad video golfing

Crazy Pablo now he’s belly bucking Chuck

Crazy Pablo’s got the angels at his shoes

electricity’s off, but he don’t give a hoot

he’s just a ragin’ Venusian, a bare fisted dog fightin’ Dog

Crazy Pablo, lit up like a traffic light

Crazy Pablo shreds like Cassius Clay

Crazy Pablo then he sings like a lover

his beat up Marshall shouts his play by play!

Crazy Pablo beat the smack out of the furniture

Smokin’ out in Denny’s, tells the waitress it’s Kinnikinnick

Crazy Pablo, oh he’s gentle by nature

He’s not really crazy, except when he’s aaaaggggghhhh!!!


Seismowoggit (Instrumental)


The Witness

Give your joy, to everyone you meet

but don’t hold back, your misery

or your fears, your faith and pride

don’t leave anything, trapped inside

just look to the trees, and the spinning stars

ask if the Witness, is what you are.

Give your pain, to the sheltering sky

walk backwards on your knees, and let yourself cry

don’t call me brother, cause brother I’m you

stop tryin’ so hard, there ain’t nothing to do

just look to the water, oh as it falls

ask if the Witness, is there at all.

Grace the Earth, and the cities of steel

Grace the dead, while you still feel

Grace the greedy, and the killer alike

if they don’t get it, you still connect inside

just see the Love, that’s trapped in there

and know the Peace, we can’t seem to bear

know the Peace, we can’t seem to bear



Blue sky, you know I love the way you cover me

Rolling, on through summer days you comfort me

Push me, pull me, hide me, I’m so small

Yet I’m under my own power

Freedom in motion, gyroscopic stability

Freedom in motion, crowning achievement of the centuries!

Bicycle, don’t get out from under me

Bicycle, the path is getting very steep

Bicycle, but my legs are strong from years of practice

Bicycle, as I weave like a hawk between rocks and cactus

You know I love the way you lead me on

Sparrow, thanks the summer rains with his plain song, push me…

Wheels are turning round and round, Summer rain is coming down

Do you hear the Rain song?

Wheels are turning round and round, Summer rain is falling down

Do you hear the Rain call?

Don’t you want to ride with me? Come on baby ride with me!

Drop your shoulder, lean in hard,

Downshift twice, pedal till your legs they are on fire

Catch some air, off a sandy bank

Power slide, barely miss the old barbed wire!

Ain’t got fancy clothes, or the latest gear

but I got a grin from ear to ear

Bugs in my teeth, and grit in my eyes

This is where my passions lie

Let Icarus fly to the sun,

I can melt my tires on this ten mile run

A skateboard certainly is no crime,

but a mountain bike is utterly divine, ride, ride, ride!

I want to ride my bike!


Drivin’ Dreams

Well the pillows come out and she lays down her head

and the dreams come like movies in the night

cities in the sky and her momma’s makin’ pie

out of big purple fruit in July

People seem familiar, but they got different names

wearing mud and makeup to disguise

there’s catacombs below , and giant gemstones

still the dream maker never asks why…

Wake up, can you hear me?

You’ve been, talking strangely

Break through, it’s so late and

It’s your turn to drive now

Drive, Come on drive me home

You know this land of dreams, it’s a way too cold

come on drive… drive me dear

to the desert sun, far away from here

Well the flowers are laughing , and the griddle is hot

flippin bird-shaped pancakes in the air

the stream in the living room is swimming with piranhas

but I shake it like I just don’t care

Corporation booty wearing not much at all

struttin like a turkey to the knife

all I can say is “give’em their day”

and get on with the better things in life



My ancestors, they came from far, from far away

…but I did not

I was born here in this place,

grew up walking in these mountains, crawling in these caves

with springtime winds blowing sand against my tiny face

I’ve always known this is my strongest place in earth

…even then you showed me what this water was worth.

There is a deep dark pool in a canyon near Socorro

never saw it dry, I think it might run to an ocean in the Earth

this is a vision of the balance of the strength and the fragility

this is a vision of the birth and life and death I let it carry me

Carry me home, drop me from a storm above the Magdalenas

see this is Mary’s Earth from Riley down to San Antonio

We must have mercy, have mercy as we dig into the ground

have mercy, have mercy as we dig into the ground

We have been as children, but our time is coming now

have mercy, have mercy as we dig into the ground.

Your eyes so bright, your touch is so sweet

Nuestra Senora see how we’ve grown here at your feet

spreading out in little rings, pushing out in spiky leaves

caliche breaks beneath our feet, desert flowers send your song so far

Juniper and Pinon pine, Cholla, Yucca, Columbine

I have always trusted you, my teachers anchored solid in the Earth

…even then you showed me what this water was worth.


All lyrics copyright 2010 Charles P. Hawley. All rights reserved.

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